After spending the first four years of her working life in advertising, rising from Print Production Assistant to Agency Producer, it was inevitable that the inquisitive Samantha would delve deeper into the world of film and television. With her work experience and awards, she went on to pursue a film and television degree in Australia.

More than a decade later, her passion for story telling, documenting and various creative pursuits have helped her traverse a variety of jobs within the industry. She is a firm believer in the importance of using media as a source of documentation, collecting facts and stories, and using it as a means for education. Samantha’s deep appreciation for nature led her to produce several nature documentaries and pro-nature lifestyle magazine programs for MediaCorp TV12 (now okto).   ‘Once Upon a Tree’ series 1 & 2 garnered much support from local conservation groups and educators alike.

Throughout her career, Samantha has consistently and progressively sought to improve herself and learn new skills. She is self-taught in her dexterity in Final Cut Pro and Adobe applications. Her interest in art direction and fastidious nature led her to explore work in set design and prop making, a niche and often under rated aspect of film making.

21 Cavan Road #04-00
Singapore 209852
Contact: samantha@loook.asia