Hooked Clothings S/S2011 Collection

Props Artist for Singapore menswear label Hooked Clothings‘ S/S2011 tee-shirt Collection entitled “BASIC SPACE – WHERE YOU END AND I BEGIN”.

“…I’ll take you in pieces, we can take it all apart…”

Hooked Clothings proudly presents its Spring / Summer 2011 collection, entitled ‘Basic Space – Where You End and I Begin’.   Hooked Clothings’ Basic Space Collection draws inspiration from The XX song of the same title, placing an emphasis on maintaining a balance between separation and togetherness.

This new collection adds a wider clothing selection with the introduction of polo shirts and urban-tailored pants in easy crossover styles, complemented by shirts with flange and panel details. Subtle details such as these and contrast-coloured yokes and strips re-defines the theme of Basic Space. In its signature t-shirts, Hooked Clothings’ graphics have been painstakingly created by hand to manage feelings of transience that so quickly fade in this era. Two core graphics feature here: a moss-mountain in the shape of a skull amidst a still landscape broken by a scarab beetle, the symbol of resurrection. The other features a gold rabbit demi-god elevated in an open air and basic space.

Basic Space – Where You End and I Begin Collection now in stores at Leftfoot and Blackmarket in Singapore, Kapok in Hong Kong and Boundlezz in Malaysia.

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