Samsung F8000 LED TV

Art Direction for the launch video of the Samsung F8000 LED TV. I had the privilege to shoot in Singapore as well as the Maldives for this product at the CES 2013 Show. We shot on the Sony F65 camera on true 4K, its the first time I’ve worked on this camera and utilising the 70-inch monster monitor with crystal clear details. Turned out to be more work for us! Apologies for the low res video, I am still trying to get the high res actual video from the production house in Korea.

Maldives is such a paradise, so blessed to have the chance to work there. Even though my phone took a ‘swim’ and died there, I still think of all the good memories I’ve made there. Many thanks to the folks at the Constance Moofushi Resorts for their kind assistance.





Lipton Singapore – Moments

Art Direction for Lipton Singapore’s instagram campaign entitled “Lipton’s Moments”.  Even though the budget and manpower was limited, I was really happy to create the various looks for each stylised ‘moments’.  I think I went through hundreds of cups before deciding on which ones to present finally.  I was given the opportunity to play around creatively, and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

Director / DP : Desmond Tan
Producer : Ong Tze Ni
Art Director : Samantha Sng
Art Assistant : Matt Lie



Samsung C&T

I was asked to design and construct a model of Samsung C&T’s 400 ton Crane & Vibrohammer and Excavator for their upcoming LTA awards show.  The props were a great hit and they won the prize for best presentation.


Final Design for Crane, Boom, Vibrohammer
with Pulley system.


Vibrohammer and Pipes


First test on-site


Final Design for Excavator
with Movable Claws


Freshly minted